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Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon manhwa is the adaptation of the popular wuxia novel written by author Il-hwang’s eith the title Chronicles of Heavenly Demon.

The Premise:

‘You’ve spent your entire life promoting harmony, and now this is how you’re going to go!’

The successor of the SpearMaster Sect, and his disciple hyuk woon sung were accused of learning prohibited and taboo technique and were executed.

A powerless and wretched death at the hands of the orthodox sect’s fraudsters.

The relic of the spear master emitted a light and granted woon sung a new life. The life as number 900, a demonic cult trainee. The orthodox sect and demonic cult are two distinct identities.

But he only has one goal in mind. Vengeance!

Woon sung trains in marital arts, accepting his fate and remembering his grudge, and his day of vengeance is drawing nearer….

Take control of the demonic Cult and use its power and resources to punish the members of the martial alliance and complete his revenge.

This is an action filled story which also shows a perspective of revenge driven by bloodlust and grief along with friendship,  love, betrayal and growth in power and character on the verge of life and death.


Main Charters

Hyuk Woon Sung

Nok Yu On

Chun Hwi

The Unrecorded

Chun A-Young

Baek Woon Ji

Jwa do-Gyul

The background World:

This story is set in an ancient cultivation world where martial artists reign supreme. The strong eat the weak as the world follows the LAW OF JUNGLE. The only way you can be free from tyranny and protect the one’s you love and cherish is to become stong enough so that no even dares to harm you or your loved one’s.

The Art:

The framing and art is phenomenal. At the beginning of the series some of the frames of the fight scenes took me a minute to figure out who was doing what. Reminds me of samurai jack but more dynamic. Still it’s one of the best out there.

My Perspective:

Next to Legend of the Northern Blade this manhwa brightly shines among the best cultivation-like manhwa. Do not stop with the art at the beginning, it becomes way better after some scans and is almost perfect. But this is not the only quality of manhwa as the plot is interesting and is neither too quick nor too slow. The rhythm is perfect and the revenge which is the leading theme, never blinds the main character eliminating the chances of him becoming just a blood thirsty demon out for revenge and blood. Indeed the main character is smart and a hard worker. The more you read this work of art the more you want to know and the more stress seeing the last scan arriving, meaning at least a week of waiting for a new update. But each period of waiting is worth considering the quality of the plot and the art.

Final Thoughts:

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon is one of many martial arts stories where the MC gets reincarnated for the sole purpose of getting revenge. The most interesting aspect of this one is that the guy becomes a member of a “Demonic” cult in his second life, which at least gives it a bit of a twist.

As is tradition, the MC swiftly becomes quite OP compared to his peers. So if you like stories where the main character is an arrogant guy who crushes people who are supposed to be at or above his level, you might like this one as well. Personally I really like seeing the reactions of the bystanders in those kinds of situations, which is why I like this one as well. The action is nicely coordinated and the art is pretty nice to boot.

Of course, there’s also a story revolving around the other people in the cult who want to get more power, but as of now that isn’t explored all too much yet.

If there’s one point I’d have to be more critical about, then it’s about the timing of the MC’s “powerups”. Each time he learns something, he gets to use that practically immediately. Assassins are sent in waves, each time a little stronger than the previous assassins, giving the MC a chance of catching up to the increasing levels for no real reason.

Overall, it’s a nice OP MC reincarnation martial arts story.

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