The Unrecorded

The Unrecorded was the master hyuk woon sung acknowledged by inheritance.
He was one of the few legendary people who surpassed the divine realm achieving the high status of a true mythical being , A God.
The Unrecorded was also considered a part of the heavenly demon cult as its member and also managed to make heavenly demon flame come to life again. But this led him to being punished and become unrecorded. Everyone who respected him and followed him were also given the same punishment and they all left and created the Unrecorded Demonic Group.
He passed his will to hyuk woon sung because of the affiliation both had to cult.
His alias is The Unrecorded.
He doesn’t have any relatives and hyuk woon sung can be considered his only relative as he is his inheritor. He once belonged to the heavenly demon sect and achieved the mystical realm.