Hyuk Woon Sung

Hyuk Woon Sung

Hyuk Woon Sung

Hyuk Woon Sung also know as the main protagonist of the story Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon.

He intentionally approaches the dangerous cave of Latent Demons and tries to complete its life threatening trials just to gain more power in order to fulfil his revenge against his enemies, those that killed him and his master. By passing the trials he succeeds in gaining a fame and his name resounds in the cult, as a result his influence increases in the sect as was his aim so he could gather the innumerable resources of the sect and use it for himself in order to gain power and complete his revenge. By the time his age reaches in his twenties he becomes powerful enough along with fame and influence and achieves the rank of Demonic King and as a result is also given the position of captain of one of the Twelve Support Units – Charred Dragon Unit, and this action alone has such importance because this hasn’t happened in countless generations. The significance of it is so grand that even the leader of the cult Chun Hwi gets alerted and starts noticing the rise of the new star like a dragon rising from east and he starts to place his aspirations for the new generation on the shoulders of the main protagonist and make him an extraordinary vice leader of the cult.

Some of the Aliases of Hyuk Woon Sung that he is known for are the spear of gale, captain of the charred dragon unit, the spear of black dragon, the black gale, the spear of black gale, young leader and heavenly demon of the cult of heavenly demon.

In his past life he died by the impaling of a spear and is alive in this life by rebirth. His age is 20 and he has a lover and a wife. His wife’s name is chu an young and his lovers name is baek woon ji. Both are a part of the same cult he is.

He also has three masters. Nok Yu On was his master in his previous life and in the life after rebirth he acknowledged two master, Chun Hwi and the Unrecorded. He has three people that he considers as his true friends who are chu ah young , baek woon ji and gwan tae ryang.

He also has numerous enemies from both his past life and the present one that not only include many sect leaders such as jwa do gyal , martial alliance, qingcheng sect but also others like the three swords of qinqcheng, song chi hak , the mount of hua sect , sage of the bright rock, north river peng clan, mountain cleaver, hwan dok and many more.

The cultivation of his orthodox rank has reached Transcendence level prior to his death and has the body modification of the the Martial body. He uses spear as his weapon and has a spear aura. He also has achieved several qi types which include orthodox qi, Demonic Qi, Intimidation Qi (Tempered True Blossom), and Innate Essence Qi (Heaven-Ward Soul Earthen Body).

The main character has several cultivation methods in his arsenal like Heaven-Ward Soul Earthen Body, Tempered Orthodox Qi (Complete Method), Tempered True Blossom, Divine Arts of The Heavenly Demon (The Dark Flower And The Red Soul) and Divine Arts of The Unrecorded

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