Chun Hwi

Chun Hwi  is master of the main character in his new life and is also a part of the same cult. He was the previous Heavenly Demon.

Chun Hwi’s is blessed with a beautiful daughter whose name is Chun Ah Young. Unfortunately her mother and chun hwi’s wife passed away in child birth, so he wanted his daughter to live a normal secular life away from the dangers of the world but his daughter ultimately chose to enter the terrible cave of latent demons to train hard which took ten years and ultimately proved that even though her father wanted a sheltered life for her she still has the blood of heavenly demon in her body.

During that time in cave of latent demons, hyuk woon sung was also participating in its trials where his outstanding performance managed to gain the favor of Chun Hwi who was impressed with Hyuk Woon Sung’s performance. Not long after he realised that he was poisoned and did not have long to live he acknowledged hyuk woon sung as his first and last disciple and started training him the remaining time he had left in this world, to make him his successor and make him worthy enough to claim the title of Heavenly Demon. Hyuk Woon Sung gained the Divine Arts of the Heavenly Demon from chun hwi . As all this was taking place chun hwi’s daughter chun ah young was chosen as the new divine maiden of the cult by the divine flames. Unfortunately triggering the Murphy’s law, at Ah Young’s ceremony, Chun Hwi had become so weak from poison that he was bedridden. Moreover an eternal conflict took place between Hyuk Woon Sung and the vice-leader, Joo Moon Baek.

At last a battle broke out when the vice leader and his people were trying to kidnap the divine maiden. Chun Hwi arrives at a very crucial time and kills the vice leader and all of his followers but is stabbed by a GHOST who was being possessed a person named Hwan dok. During his last moments he takes his disciple Hyuk Woon Sung to a secretive chamber and transfers all his battle and life experiences along with his powers to him. 

After a couple of months hyuk woon sung stabilizes his cultivation realm and breaks through the divine realm and achieves the title of the heavenly demon. After performing the funeral of Chun Hwi he comes to a realization that the person who poisoned his master was the same person who took the life of his previous life master nok yu on. Enraged he swears to avenge the life of both of his masters.

Some of the Aliases Chun Hwi is known for are The Demon Of The Twin Stars And One Demon, The Moon Cleaving, Heavenly Demon, Leader of the Cult of Heavenly Demon and Leader.

His Cause of Death is being Poisoned and stabbed by ‘Ghost’ controlled by Hwan Dok

He only has one daughter Chun A-Young and one disciple Hyuk Woon Sung. One of his allies include San Gwan Chuk and martial alliance was his enemy.

He achieved the cultivation of the demonic rank of Heavenly Demon and the Cultivation Rank of Divine Realm with his Battle Prowess being High Rank Heavenly Demon.

He used the Qi Type of Demonic QI and practiced the Cultivation Method of Divine Arts of The Heavenly Demon (The Dark Flower And The Red Heart)