Chun A-Young

Chun A-Young is the daughter of the leader of heavenly demon sect Chun Hwi and is also the wife of the main protagonist. She is also the divine maiden of sect chosen specially by the divine flames.

When she was young she entered the cave of latent demons and struggled to survive the brutal environment there to make her excavate her full potential on the cusp of life and death awakening her survival instincts so she could gain the power, fame and influence to become the vice leader of the sect in the future.

During her time in the cave she meets a rather crude fellow who is ranked at low number of 900 but still has high battle prowess. This leads to a rather awkward situation where she is intrigued by a boy and constantly wants to know about him but he is just ignores her and is infact finding her bothersome and annoying. The boy’s name is hyuk woon sung.

As her bloodline is quite compatible with the secret arts of the sect – Divine Arts of The Heavenly Demon. This leads to her gaining powers that are abnormal and suppressing  her peers on the same rank as her. But as everything has its counter and nothing is truly invincible, she also has to face the down side of the technique that its consumption of large amount of Qi cannot be supplied by her weak and undeveloped body leading her to not reach its true potential.

After coming out of the cave of latent demons, due to her battle prowess and her potential she is given the role of leader of the second latent demon squad. When she goes on a group expedition as always triggering the Murphy’s law, she is faced with unfortunate and unforeseen  complications resulting in the failure of her mission but fortunately her squad mates are rescued by the squad under hyuk woon sung. All these circumstances leads chu a young to contemplate and realise her shortcomings and weakness and she awakens to the fact that the gap between her and the main protagonist grows bigger and bigger by the passing of each day.

She is still punished for her failure even if she is the daughter of the leader and she and all her squad mates are given the ultimatum to head to the Valley of Thousand Spirits for a time of six months so they can train and realise their mistakes and overcome them so that they don’t make the same grave errors in future during critical situation and battles. 

After coming out of seclusion she takes the decision to head to the Banquet of the Heavenly Mountain and Divine Flame to try and prove that she is better and grown and surpassed what she was in the past but finds out that the person she is chasing after and trying to surpass has broken through a whole new place and was even successful in defeating a high ranked demonic king.

Her alias is Number 17 and she is in her twenties. Formerly she was also the Captain of the White Ape Unit, but now she is the Divine Maiden of the sect. Her husband is Hyuk Woon Sung and her only relative is her father Chun Hwi.

She reached Cultivation level of the Demonic Rank of Great Demon and her Battle Prowess reach the level of Great Demon. She uses the Qi Type Demonic QI. Her Cultivation Method are The Dark Flower Red Heart and Divine Art of The Heavenly Demon.