Baek Woon Ji

Baek Woon Ji is the lover of hyuk woon sung and is deeply in love with him. She us also one of few who completed their training in cave of latent demons and was also assigned the position of a member of Charred Dragon unit.

After coming out of cave of latent demons due to her specialty in stealth and assasination she achieves the rank of lieutenant in the first latent demon squad even though she is not an outstanding fighter. But due to her sheer talent and expertise in stealth and assasination she is assigned as the leader of team one that works as a special department handling all of the covert operations. 

At the Banquet of the Heavenly Mountain and Divine Flame she is one of the few people who has guts and are not frightened in fighting with and challenging the great demons. Even though she has the will power rarely seen in people of her age and is willing to fight the demons, her strength falls short of it due to her lacking the battle prowess to take the confrontation in close combat with the highly feared and having high close combat powered demons as that is not her specialty.

Her alias is Number 700 and she is in her twenties. She was given the rank of Lieutenant of the Charred Dragon Unit, Leader of the Team One and Demonic General. Her lover is Hyuk Woon Sung and friends include Gwan Tae Ryang. She achieved the cultivation of the demonic rank of the Demonic General and uses the Qi type of Demonic Qi. Her cultivation method is Dark Flower and Red Spirit.